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Wiser Riser A ‘Hole’ New Technology in Manhole Cover Risers

One-of-a-kind Polypropylene Wedge Spacers brings Manhole Risers up to Grade

(December 17, Medford, OR) The award-winning makers of PLATE LOCKS, a reusable road plate securing system sold around the world, have created Wiser Riser, yet another unique product to answer a need within the roadwork community.

Wiser Riser is the only manhole cover on the market made of strong, durable polypropylene that includes Plate Locks Roadway Safety Products’ exclusive wedge shaped spacers that bring the manhole cover level to street grade, even on an uneven road surface. Other brands are made of vulcanized rubber, which crumble, warp and degrade, and no other brand offers our patent-pending wedge spacers.

Other risers only work if the pavement around the manhole is flat and level. Wiser Riser is different because its exclusive wedge shaped interlocking spacers raise the height of the manhole cover flush with an inclined or flat road surface. They are available in 24”, 25”, and 26” diameters and for even more cost effectiveness, Wiser Riser can be installed before or after repaving.

For added convenience, the top of the Wiser Riser is imprinted with the type of utility below i.e. sewer, water, storm drain, etc. – making identification a snap and saving time and resources. No other brand marks their manhole cover risers, except Wiser Riser, with this timesaving feature.

“In 2013 we were approached by an Oregon city Field Operations Supervisor who was fed up with the crumbling, warped risers around town,” says Shannon Lane, President of Plate Locks Roadway Safety Products. “He asked if we could make a riser out of the same durable polypropylene that our patented PLATE LOCKS were made from. To combat the constant grade issues, we also created our exclusive wedge shaped interlocking spacers. Within one month, we had working prototypes on the road and the roadwork community is thrilled with them.”

Wiser Riser is also environmentally safe, reusable and recyclable. If your road crew or city has struggled with degrading, unmarked manhole cover risers that are unable to match the roadway grade, Wiser Riser is your answer. For more information on this innovative new product, visit our website at www.wiserriser.com, call/text 541-821-3622 or email our sales team.






Awards and Other Good Stuff

trench, plate, award, plate lock,Plate Locks has won every competition we have participated in and its no wonder! They are revolutionary in the industry. It’s a simple solution to a problem every underground construction crew has faced. Below is a list of the various awards and recognition Plate Locks have won.

Plate Locks are a national WINNER of the American Road and Transportation Builders Association Foundation’s-

Roadway Work Zone Safety Awareness Award – Innovations in Technology/Product


Utility Contractor Magazine, December 2011 named PLATE LOCKS among the “10 Utility Construction Machines and Technologies Changing the Industry”. In the article The Next Evolution in Innovation,  NUCA’s story stated “We can’t include every piece of great equipment, but we’ve brought the best of these new releases right here to our 2011 Innovations Showcase”.

MODOT’s 2012 Call for Innovation Competition

PLATE LOCKS WON MoDOT’s, 2012 “call to industry” competition for innovation  to save money and improve  safety. “We are looking for innovative ideas that make us a better organization, particularly within our maintenance operations,” said Mike Shea, MoDOT Maintenance Liaison Engineer. Plate Locks were among a very select few winners invited to be showcased during MoDOT’s System Operations and Management meeting in Springfield, Missouri.