Pinned Plate Alternative

Pinning your plates doesn’t work! When vehicles drive over a pinned plate it will flex just a little, and every time it flexes the pins are forced up into the line of traffic. Pins can do damage beyond repair to tires and wheels requiring you to pay for the damage. Pinning also has to be redone every time the plate is removed and has no ramping unlike the Plate Locks system which is the marking, ramping and securing system all in one!


Road Safety

Increase Safety

Plate Locks increase safety for employees and  motorists while reducing liability. Plate Locks can be installed in a fraction of the time as utilizing cold patch reducing the time your crew spends in the street. Plate Locks are safety orange and be clearly seen by motorists, cyclists and pedestrians alerting them to the fact there is a steel road plate in their driving lane. Keep your crew and motorists safer and reduce your possibilities of liability.

Financial Savings

Our Solutions Save You Money

Plate Locks will save you a fortune in labor costs because it can be installed in a fraction of the time it would take a crew to throw down and clean up cold patch. Plate locks never need to be removed when a bridge plate needs to be lifted. This saves you labor costs and cold patch replacement costs. Plate Locks pay for themselves the first time they are used. And you can use them over and over again.

Never Needs To Be Removed

secure, anchor, lock, trench, plates, road, utility, constructionPlate Locks may be left in place when steel road plates are removed to allow work to be done in the trench or for inspections. When the work or inspection is done simply replace the steel plate. There is no need to reinstall the Plate Locks. Compare that to needing to replace cold patch every time the road plate is moved and you quickly see you have a clear winning alternative to traditional methods of securing trench plates.

Secures Trench Plates

moving, trench, plates, road plates, steel road plates, secure, fastenPlate Locks are a direct replacement to using cold patch asphalt or flush mounting the plate. It is intended to reduce costs, work zone accidents, injuries and contractor liabilities by consistently marking, identifying and securing road construction plates.

Plate Locks are placed around the perimeter of the road plate and mechanically fastened to the roadway with concrete anchors.

Cold Patch Alternative

cold patch, alternative, trench. road, utility, plates, securePlate Locks make cold patch road plate securing a thing of the past. Never have another sleepless night wondering if your road plates have shifted, moved or walked again. Reduce your liability while increasing public safety. No more phone calls from the city, county or police during the wee hours of the morning telling you to come fix a trench plate that has moved and is posing a risk.

Award Winning

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Every competition we have entered Plate Locks into we have won. Plate Locks are revolutionary in the industry. It’s a simple solution to a problem every underground construction crew has faced. Road plates that creep or walk as traffic passes over them. Not only does this product stop that problem, but they also increase safety for your crew and the public. They will save you money and time.