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How To Keep Steel Road Plates From Creeping, Keep Your Employees and The Public Safer, Reduce Costs and Complaints, All While Being Environmentally Friendly

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How Much Did You Spend On Cold Mix Last Year?

$1,000? $5,000? Tens of thousands of dollars?

Now add the labor costs of applying cold patch plus the labor costs of removing and reapplying cold mix every time a plate needs to be moved.

You’ll quickly realize you’re spending way too much money on a product that was never manufactured, designed or intended to be a road plate securing device.

How Many Complaints From The City Or General Public Did You Receive Last Year About Your Steel Road Plates?

We bet the most common ones were:

  • The plate shifting
  • Tire punctured
  • Rims damaged
  • Motorcyclists or bicyclists wrecking due to cold mix build up on the steel plate
  • Getting cold mix “goop” on their car
  • Having a messy work area

Complaints are worrisome, time consuming and very frustrating.

The problem contractors have always faced is that there has never been an alternative to cold mix. It has always been the way every contractor, from generation to generation, has secured steel road construction plates. But cold mix was never manufactured, designed or intended to be a road plate securing device.

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Introducing Plate Locks
The Best Way To Secure Steel Trench Plates

Plate Locks were designed and engineered to mark, identify and secure trench plates.

Plate Locks come with many benefits:

Easy and Fast To Install – Plate Locks can be installed in a fraction of the time it takes a crew to throw down and mold cold mix.

Save Money – You can use Plate Locks over and over again. Never pay for cold mix again. Plate Locks typically pay for themselves the first time you use them.

Never Need To Be Removed – Plate Locks never need to be removed while a trench plate does. This not only saves money in cold mix material costs but labor costs as well.

Employee Safety – Plate Locks are easily and quickly installed and help keep your crew safe by getting them out of the road sooner. And since they never need to be removed, your crew doesn’t need to spend any extra time removing and re-applying cold mix.

Public Safety – With their bright orange construction zone coloring, Plate Locks were specifically designed to alert motorists, and especially bicyclists, that there is a plate in the road. Secondly, there is never any build-up of cold mix on the plates, which poses serious hazards to all cyclists. The angled design allows easy on and easy off and no more punctured tires or damaged rims.

Reduce Liability – By getting rid of cold mix and preventing your plates from creeping or walking. The likelihood of an accident being caused by your trench plates decreases dramatically, thus reducing your liability.

Environmentally Friendly – Plate Locks can be used over and over again and can be recycled once they’ve reached the end of their life cycle. They will reduce your carbon footprint because you’ll be using hundreds or even thousands of gallons less of petroleum products. They also keep our streams and rivers clean because they have no toxic sediment or run-off like cold mix applications do.

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