Plate Locks for Government Projects

Keep The People In Your City, County and State Safe
While Implementing Sustainable Practices In Underground Utility Construction

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As a government agency, safety  for your citizens is one of the top concerns you face on a daily basis.

PLATE LOCKS are an innovative, sustainable, cost effective, national award winning solution to the many safety hazards associated with road plates and cold mix. Using Plate Locks to secure your road plates will give you the positive public recognition you deserve, turning public complaints into complements.

PLATE LOCKS were designed specifically to mark, identify and secure steel road construction trench plates which adds a huge safety component for cyclists.

PLATE LOCKS can be used over and over again and can be recycled once They’ve reached the end of their life cycle. They’ll reduce your town’s carbon footprint because you’ll be using hundreds or even thousands of gallons less of petroleum products. They also keep your streams and rivers clean because they have no toxic sediment or run-off like the cold mix applications that your crews are currently using.

PLATE LOCKS are a bike-friendly community’s best friend! With their bright orange construction zone coloring, they were specifically designed to alert motorists, and especially bicyclists, that there is a plate in the road. Secondly, there is never any build-up of cold mix on the plates, which poses serious hazards to all cyclists. The angled design allows easy transition on and off the road plate with no more possibility of sliding, skidding, or falling off a bicycle due to the slippery surface cold mix often creates on the plate. Last but not least, no more punctured tires or damaged rims.

Cold mix was never manufactured, designed or intended to be a road plate securing device, it just so happened that it was the only thing available at the time to get the job done. That was the past and PLATE LOCKS are the future. Save your cold mix for the potholes!

By specifying the PLATE LOCKS system you can avoid some of the following headlines from happening in your city:

  • Did a Metal Construction Plate Cause Houston Street Bike Death? Gothamist June 27, 2006
  • Delivery Van Hits Improperly Secured Roadway Construction Plate, Loses Control Striking Parked Vehicles. 3 Million Recovery. Clarke v City of New York, N.Y. March 18, 2002
  • Bill Seeks Warning For Plates On Roads. Concern Over Safety of Cyclists and Damage To Vehicles Prompts The Measure’s Creation. Star Bulletin February 24, 2007
  • Metal Plate Covering Road Construction Pose Nuisance For Drivers — and a Hazard For Cyclists Such as William Gardiner, who was killed when he hit one of the plates and was thrown from his bicycle as he commuted home from the University Of Texas. American Statesman November 21, 2000

It’s Not Just About Safety – Plate Locks  Create Sustainable Practices and Methodologies

government sustainability, best practices, safety, underground construction, road constructionIn today’s world, it is more important than ever to be concerned with sustainability and to be practicing sustainable methods. City’s often proudly announce on their websites their accomplishments in sustainability and list their goals to become even more sustainable.

In 2008, The APWA – write out – board of directors created the “Center for Sustainability” branch to their association, recognizing the importance of sustainability in Public Works.

Here’s how Plate Locks can help your government achieve more sustainability in your underground public works projects while helping you save money as well.

Plate Locks Are:

  • Reusable
  • Recyclable
  • Contain no VOC’s
  • Environmentally sound.
  • A Must for any bike-friendly community.
  • Don’t produce petroleum run off or sediment that damages our sewers and streams.
  • Create a safer and cleaner job site.
  • Designed specifically to mark, identify and secure steel road plates.

You have the ability to require Plate Locks as part of your specs. Keep the citizens of your community safer and your environment cleaner by using Plate Locks in your community. We Can Help You Write Your Specifications.


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