Pinned Plate Alternative

Pinning your plates doesn’t work! When vehicles drive over a pinned plate it will flex just a little, and every time it flexes the pins are forced up into the line of traffic. Pins can do damage beyond repair to tires and wheels requiring you to pay for the damage. Pinning also has to be […]

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Cold Mix Alternative – Revolutionary Steel Road Plate Securing System

Plate Locks are the Ultimate Cold Mix Alternative and a Revolution In Securing Steel Road Plates. They are the solution to the problem you never knew you had. Plate Locks, an American manufactured product, are a direct replacement to using cold patch asphalt or flush mounting the plate. It is intended to reduce costs, work zone accidents, injuries […]

Awards and Other Good Stuff

Plate Locks has won every competition we have participated in and its no wonder!  They are revolutionary in the industry. It’s a simple solution to a problem every underground construction crew has faced. Below is a list of the various awards and recognition Plate Locks have won. American Road and Transportation Builders Association Foundation National WINNER of […]

Solutions for Contractors

How To Keep Steel Road Plates From Creeping, Keep Your Employees and The Public Safer, Reduce Costs and Complaints, All While Being Environmentally Friendly How Much Did You Spend On Cold Mix Last Year? $1,000? $5,000? Tens of thousands of dollars? Now add the labor costs of applying cold patch plus the labor costs of removing […]

Plate Locks for Government Projects

Keep The People In Your City, County and State Safe – While Implementing Sustainable Practices In Underground Utility Construction As a government agency, safety  for your citizens is one of the top concerns you face on a daily basis. PLATE LOCKS are an innovative, sustainable, cost effective, national award winning solution to the many safety […]

Solutions for Utility Companies

Plate Locks Are The Alternative More and More Utility Companies Are Using In Their Specs When It Comes To Securing Steel Road Plates Your company not only has to work with the public, but also the municipalities as well as the subcontractors that you hire to complete work on your systems. You want to be more […]

Doing Our Part for the Environment

Plate Locks Help You Create Environmentally Safe and Sustainable Practices In Your Underground Utility Business In today’s world, it is more important than ever to be concerned with the environment, sustainability and to be practicing sustainable methods. You need to not only be concerned about the safety of your employees and the public, but also about environmental safety. […]

Increase Safety

Plate Locks increase safety for employees and  motorists while reducing liability. Plate Locks can be installed in a fraction of the time as utilizing cold patch reducing the time your crew spends in the street. Plate Locks are safety orange and be clearly seen by motorists, cyclists and pedestrians alerting them to the fact there […]

Our Solutions Save You Money

Plate Locks will save you a fortune in labor costs because it can be installed in a fraction of the time it would take a crew to throw down and clean up cold patch. Plate locks never need to be removed when a bridge plate needs to be lifted. This saves you labor costs and […]

Plate Locks with corners

Never Needs To Be Removed

Plate Locks may be left in place when steel road plates are removed to allow work to be done in the trench or for inspections. When the work or inspection is done simply replace the steel plate. There is no need to reinstall the Plate Locks. Compare that to needing to replace cold patch every […]