How to Install Plate Locks


Installation Procedure

  1. Install road plate over work area.
  1. Place Plate Locks around the perimeter of the road plate or plates.  Plate Locks should not be extended beyond the end of the road plate. Plate Locks are manufactured with indented cut lines every foot on center so they can be cut to fit any plate size.
  2. Place the appropriate sized Plate Shims under the road plate where there is no direct contact with the road surface giving the plate full bearing aligning Plate Shim holes with Plate Locks mounting holes.
  1. Drill 3/8” pilot holes ¼” deeper than the anchor is long and maintain a clean pilot hole.
  1. Drive the T.H.D. 3/8”X4” concrete anchor with washers through the Plate Locks and Plate Shim securing holes into the road surface. DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN.
  1. Spacing for the concrete anchors shall be at intervals of 36″ or less. Anchor a minimum of 4″ and a maximum of 8″ from each end. Under high traffic conditions, more frequent bolt spacing may be required to eliminate plate creep.

Removal Procedure

  1. Unscrew concrete anchors and washers.
  2. Remove Plate Locks and Plate Shims.
  3. Fill pilot holes with crack filling compound.


Q.  The anchor won’t go all of the way down and or strips out the pilot hole.

A.   Clean the pilot hole. If debris or shavings from drilling enters the pilot hole, the anchor will “bottom out”
before it can secure the Plate Locks.

A.  Over tightening the anchor can cause the pilot hole to strip out.