Plate Locks Specifications

7PLATE LOCKS are an innovative, sustainable, cost effective, national award winning solution to the many safety hazards associated with road plates and cold mix. This is why cities, counties, and utilities are specifying Plate Locks. Cities like – Central point, OR. Monroe, NC. Counties like St. Lewis County, MO. and companies like CalTex, Australia, specify the use of Plate Locks because they know they work! We have also been approved for use by many DOT’s including Caltrans, NVDOT, MODOT and others.

Let us know if you are writing a specification, we would be happy to help.


Cost Comparison
Jackson County Oregon Trench Specification
Plate Locks Installation Procedure
Plate Locks Load Test
Plate Locks Order Form
Plate Locks Schematic
Plate Locks Shear Test
Plate Locks Sole Spec
Road Plate Specification