Anchor Drive Socket

Work Smarter. Not Harder.

The Anchor Drive Socket is used in a SDS Plus concrete hammer drill to fasten, drive, tighten or secure anchors, nuts and bolts.

How It Works

People Are Asking, “Why Didn’t We Think of That!?”

The most common drill used to pilot a hole into concrete is an SDS Plus Hammer drill. The SDS drive system allows for a greater hammer blow as you are drilling making for a much faster drill time. The Anchor Drive Socket was invented to be used in a SDS Plus type hammer drill to drive anchors.

When a contractor needs to set an anchor in the concrete they will need to drill a pilot hole with one tool and drive the anchor with another tool. This process typically takes two different types of tools. Not anymore with our patented Anchor Drive Socket.

The Anchor Drive Socket is a socket on one end and a SDS Plus insert shaft on the opposite end. The tool allows a worker to drill a hole in concrete or asphalt and also drive an anchor using the same SDS Plus drill where before two tools would be needed, one to drill the pilot hole and another separate tool to drive the anchor.