Marks – Identifies – Secures Steel Road Construction Plates

Plate Locks, an American manufactured product, are a direct replacement to using cold patch asphalt or flush mounting the plate. They are intended to reduce costs, work zone accidents, injuries and contractor liabilities by consistently marking, identifying and securing road construction plates. Plate Locks safety orange colored road plate ramps are placed around the perimeter of the road plate and mechanically fastened to the roadway with concrete anchors.

This innovative product makes cold patch trench plate securing a thing of the past and reduces your liability while increasing public safety whenever there is a need to use steel road plates in pipeline, gas line, water line construction or any type of utility construction cuts in the road. Never have another sleepless night wondering if your trench plates have shifted, or walked again. No more phone calls from the city, county or police during the wee hours of the morning telling you to come fix a trench plate that has moved and is posing a risk.

Plate Locks road plate ramps can be left in place when steel road plates are removed to allow work to be done in the trench or for inspections. When the work or inspection is done simply replace the steel plate. There is no need to re-install the Plate Locks road plate ramps. Compare that to needing to replace cold patch every time the road plate is moved and you quickly see you have a winning alternative to traditional methods of securing trench plates.

Plate Locks road plate ramps increase safety for utility contractors, motorists and cyclists while reducing liability. They are safety orange and can be clearly seen by motorists and cyclists, easily alerting them to the steel road plate in their driving lane. The orange wedge shaped road plate ramp design creates a safe transition over the road plate for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians thus eliminating accidents. The utility contractor will spend less than half the time in the road installing Plate Locks road plate ramps than using other methods like cold patch, flush mounting or pinning plates. This has been said so many times…

Plate Locks road plate ramps pay for themselves the first time they’re used and will save you a lot of money in labor costs because they can be installed or removed in a fraction of the time it takes a crew to throw down or remove cold patch. And the best news is you can use them over and over again!

Every competition we have entered Plate Locks road plate ramps into we have won. And it’s no wonder. Plate Locks road plate ramps are revolutionary in the industry. It’s a simple solution to a problem every underground construction crew has faced. Road plates that creep or walk as traffic passes over them. Not only does this product stop that problem. But they also increase safety for your crew and drivers. They will save you money and time.

See Plate Locks In Action

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Easy to Install

Plate Locks are the Ultimate Solution to Securing Road Plates

  • Designed to secure steel road plates used in pipeline construction, gas line construction, water line construction, cable line construction and or any type of utility construction cuts in the road that require the use of road plates.
  • Reduces labor costs in the installation and removal process of road plates because they install and remove significantly faster than using cold patch.
  • Are designed with safety in mind for the construction worker and the public. They get the installer out of the roadway quickly. The highly visible safety orange color alerts motorists, cyclists and pedestrians of the installed road plates ahead.
  • The wedged shape ramped design creates a smooth transition for the motorist and cyclist from the road surface, to the top of the plate, and back to the road surface.
  • Are mechanically fastened to the roadway, preventing sliding and shifting of road plates, unlike cold patch, which depends solely on adhesion to the roadway.
  • Are re-usable. The product pays for itself after 1-2 uses versus cold patch asphalt material.
  • Are made from an inert material, which contains no off gassing and is recyclable.
  • Contains no VOC's that can enter into the air destroying our ozone layer and will not release harmful chemicals into our storm drains.

The Outdated Method to Securing Road Plates

  • The common way to secure road plates to the road is with “cold patch” asphalt. This method is not environmentally conscious due to the solvents that are contained within most cold patch material.
  • Securing road plates to the road with cold patch asphalt is not safe because it doesn't consistently secure the plate to the road. Plates often loosen and shift as they are continuously driven over.
  • Cold patch asphalt is less visible because the color blends with the road. It doesn't always provide adequate warning for the motorist and cyclist to slow down before driving over the road plate.
  • When cold patch asphalt is used to secure the road plate, it tends to crumble and builds up on top of the road plate. The build up effect is like little marbles, causing a two wheeled vehicle to slide.
  • It is time consuming and labor intensive to install and remove cold patch asphalt around the road plate.