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Plate Locks Are The Alternative More and More Utility Companies Are Using In Their Specs When It Comes To Securing Steel Road Plates

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Your company not only has to work with the public, but also the municipalities as well as the subcontractors that you hire to complete work on your systems. You want to be more responsible to our environment and to the safety of the public and your employees. PLATE LOCKS can help you achieve your goals and prove to the community and your peers that you will do your part to be environmentally responsible and to help promote public and worker safety. When you require the use of PLATE LOCKS on your construction sites you are proving just that!


  • Reduces labor costs in the installation and removal process of road plates because they install and remove significantly faster than using cold patch.
  • Are designed with safety in mind for the construction worker and the public. They get the installer out of the roadway quickly and the highly visible safety orange color alerts motorists, cyclists and pedestrians to the installed road plates.
  • The wedged shape design creates a smooth transition for the motorist and cyclist from the road surface, to the top of the plate, and back to the road surface.
  • Are mechanically fastened to the roadway, preventing sliding and shifting of road plates, unlike cold patch, which depends solely on adhesion to the roadway.
  • Are re-usable. The product pays for itself typically on its very first use versus cold patch asphalt material.
  • Are made from an inert material, which contains no off gassing and is recyclable.
  • Contains no pollutants that can enter into the air, and will not release harmful chemicals into our storm drains.

Remember – Cold mix was never manufactured, designed or intended to be a road plate securing device. PLATE LOCKS were designed for that specific purpose!

Make sure you specify PLATE LOCKS for all of your construction projects.

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