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Mike Kuntz, P.E. 

County Engineer

Jackson County Roads

 "We modified our standards to require the use of Plate Locks to restrain steel plates on Jackson County roads.  After a decade of use, our opinion of the product remains unchanged."

Michael R. Agnew

 "It is certainly our intention to use the Plate Lock system again in the future and would highly recommend it."

Johnny Beane
Town Of Blacksburg Virginia

"VDOT requires the plates to be out lined with some sort of markings around the edge and I think this does that and we have to put up signs for  the steel plates  when in use. We are well pleased with the Plate Locks system."
Editable Specification

Plate Locks Load Test

plk load_edited.jpg

Trench With Plate Locks

plk draw.png

Plate Locks Sheer Test

plk sspec page_edited_edited_edited_edit

Specifications and Downloads

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