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Road Plate Securing System

Mark, Identify and Secure Steel Road Plates and Trench Plates. 

Plate Locks have been written into specification for road plate use in the US and Canada.


Made in the USA!

Traffic Cone

Who We Are

About Us

Plate Locks Roadway Safety Products was founded 2008 in Medford, Oregon by Chris and Shannon Lane, to revolutionize the road construction industry by creating environmentally preferred recyclable materials and to enhance the safety of the construction worker, the motorist, the cyclist and the pedestrian that comes into contact with the road. We truly care about public safety.

We saw the need and decided to participate in making our roads safer and to create product innovation to outdated methods of road construction and maintenance. As these inventions were conceived, improving public safety was our number one goal.

We wanted to contribute to our community. All products are proudly made in Oregon – the good ole’ USA and sold around the world.

Our products are on the cutting edge of technology. All products have one thing in common; they each create a safer, faster and more cost effective way to get your project done. We stand behind our superior product line and pride ourselves with offering excellent customer service and the positive relationships we maintain with our customers.


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