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Issues with Road Plate Pinning

Pinned Road Plate Alternative

Pinning your steel road plates doesn’t work! When vehicles drive over a pinned road plate, it flexes just a little. Every time it flexes the pins are forced up into the line of traffic. Pins can do damage beyond repair to tires and wheels requiring you to pay for the damage. Pinning also has to be redone every time the plate is removed and has no ramping. The Plate Locks system has marking, ramping and securing system all in one! Plate Locks safety orange colored road plate ramps are placed around the perimeter of the road plate and mechanically fastened to the roadway with concrete anchors. Plate Locks ramp design creates a safe transition over the road plate for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians. No flexing pins. Plate Locks road plate ramps can be left in place when steel road plates are removed to allow work to be done in the trench or for inspections. Save a lot of money in labor costs plus reduce costs, work zone accidents, injuries and contractor liabilities!

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